Keithley Instruments 610BR

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This Electrometer is an extremely sensitive meter. Typically used in particle physics laboratories for very low level energy measurements when dealing with electron volt levels energy. Measurements can be made in Volts, Ohms, Amperes, and Coulombs.

Coulombs = A*s. The amount of amperes of current provided over one second time period. Typical unit of measure used to represent charge quantity.

Full Scale Inputs
Ohms 100 to 10^14 (100 TerraW)
over 88 ranges
Amp 10-10^-14 (10 femtoA)
over 121 ranges
Coulombs 10^-5 to 10^13 (10 picoC)
over 44 ranges
Volts 1mV-100V
over 11 ranges
Average Retail Price and Current Availability
Price $800
Availability In Stock
Functionality Fully Functional
Condition Used
Cables Included
Accessories None
Manual Included
Calibration estimated $150 price and turn around varies

Standard terms for used equipment: 5 day right of return, 30 day limited warranty.

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