Hewlett Packard 8018A

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Serial Data Generator
The 8018A Serial Data Generator is a powerful stimulator for serial digital systems and devices requiring high bit rate and fast pulses. Even preamble-data-post-amble data links patterns are feasible by combining prbs and programmed data.

Option 001: HP-IB for data loading

The 8018A Serial Data Generator delivers:
2048 programmable bits.
Dual channel operation
clean 6 ns pulses
Repetition rate from dc to 50 Mbits/s
Output amplitude is variable up to 15V into 50 Ohms.
Average Retail Price and Current Availability
Price $325
Availability In Stock
Functionality Fully Functional
Condition Used
Cables None
Accessories None
Manual Included
Calibration Calibration Not Required

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