Hewlett Packard 1120A

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Active FET Probe
The 1120A Active Probe is a 500MHz probe for probing high source impedance at high frequencies. This 1:1 active probe provides a probe tip impedance of 100 Kohms shunted by approximately 3 pF at 100MHz. When used with the 10:1 or 100:1 divider tips, the shunt capacitance is <1 pF at 100MHz.

Kit Includes:

  • 10:1 Divider
  • Bandwidth Limiter
  • 100:1 Divider
  • Slip-on Hook Tip
  • 2.5" Ground Lead
  • Spare Probe Tips
  • Slip-on BNC Probe Adapter
  • Option 001 = 6 ft length
The 50-ohm output provides the optimum impedance match and measurement accuracy for oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, counters, and network analyzers with 50-ohm inputs. Power is supplied by instruments with probe power jacks or the 1122A probe power supply.


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Price $825
Availability In Stock
Functionality Fully Functional
Condition Used
Cables Included
Accessories None
Manual Included
Calibration $100-$200 price and turn around varies, please ask if interested

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