Fluke 8860A
Digital Multimeter

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Digital Multimeter
The Fluke 8860A is a practical, precision benchtop DMM featuring 5 1/2-digit resolution and 0.01% basic dc accuracy. AC voltages may be ac-or dc-coupled using a front panel control, and are measured using True RMS circuits. Resistance can be measured to 20 megohms using two- or four-terminal techniques. All function pushbuttons and most others, have annunciator lights to make it easy at all times to know what functions and modes are active. Small, residual dc or resistance errors may be automatically subtracted out of these measurements using the ZERO pushbutton to store the error. Other basic math and memory functions allow you to do hi/lo limit testing, store an offset value to make differential measurements, and store the highest and lowest readings in a series of measurements. Using the NUM key stores readings for future use and the BNC connector in the rear allows remote triggering.
The 8860A Digital Multimeter is a versatile meter with the following features:
  • Basic benchtop DMM with 5 1/2-digit resolution
  • DC voltage ranges: 200 mV to 1000 V with.01% or better accuracy
  • AC voltage ranges: 200 mV to 700 V with .25% accuracy
  • Resistance ranges: 200 ohms to 20 Mohms with 0.01% accuracy except 20 Mohm range(0.1%)
  • Small compact size.
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Functionality Fully Functional
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Manual $50 Please ask if required
Calibration Calibrated

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