BK 162
Transistor/FET Tester

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Transistor/FET Tester
The BK 162 Transistor/FET tester has the ability to fully characterize the devises. Large front panel meter gives clear indication of transistor or FET gain and leakage. Variable beta calibration level is provided along with a beta scale for matching transistors and FETs. Matching can be done NPN-NPN or NPN-PNP. Useful for selecting matched pairs for fine tuning class A/B output amplifiers. Likewise, N and P channel FETs can be Gm matched N-N and N-P.

Functions Available

FET Transistor
Gm Matching BETA Matching
Gm Measure BETA Measure
GATE 1 Measure ICBO Measure
GATE 2 Measure
IGSS Measure ICES Measure
IDSS Measure ICEO Measure
Average Retail Price and Current Availability
Price $200
Availability In Stock
Functionality Fully Functional
Condition Used
Cables Included
Accessories None
Manual Included
Calibration Calibration Not Required for most applications.

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